Where is DuyvelFest?

DuyvelFest is organised near Bree, Belgium, just over the border, southwest of Weert.
DuyvelFest is NOT in the town Bree, but in the fields between Bree and Kinrooi:

Hulsbosstraat 21
Bree, Belgium

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Driving from Kinrooi to Bree via the big road N73.
On the left side you will pass a big church in the middle of nowhere (km 11.4).   About 500 meters further there is a small road crossing (km 12.0)

This is the Hulsbosstraat. Turn left.
HulsbosStraat 21 Bree (Beldium)You will cross a small street ‘Roermonderstraat’, just continue straight ahead.
In about 500 meter you will see a small road to left and a bit furhter a road to right. You are at your destination. Park your car a the road side and try to remember where.