Duyvel Sounds

The Recordings

We write our own music and lyrics, we also record them ourselves. This page is our digital showcase.

No Crossroads, a song by Duyvel

Always on a road. Where does it lead to? Are there turn-offs? Is there a slight possibility to maybe even think about leaving the main road?
Is there a good or bad way? Can a road be decent or evil? Or does that depend on the beholder, the driver, the singer, god, the devil?
Try to follow the lyrics and decipher the singers’ deepest layers of thoughts…

Duyvel on stage

On stage, KloosterRock 2023:

On stage, BreePop 2023:

With a lot of enthusiasm, effort, sweat and little knowledge we recorded ourselves and transferred these to the tracks below. You might hear the proggress between them and the older recordings, lower in the list. Keep an eye on this page, we will add new songs soon: The hard labour on ‘Just a Passenger’ and ‘Puppet on Strings’ is almost finished!!