Live: DuyvelFest 2024

We decided to initiate our own festival: DuyvelFest!!!

Location: South of Eindhoven, just over the border.

Concept: No entry fee, friendly consumption prices, food and great bands!

Saturday June 8th 2024

Start: 19:00

Where: Bree, Belguim

We organise this DuyvelFEST ourselves, so we need to estimate our supplies. So please register onĀ or send a mail to to get the exact location.

Of course a festival is not just Duyvel on stage, so we invited some friends:


  • 19:45 Sjmoetspoekel (punk metal)
  • 20:30 ZOD (SOD tribute)
  • 21:55 Chain of Dogs (folk metal)
  • 23:00 Duyvel (that’s us…)

Band info


Don’t miss our opening band! It isn’t justĀ  another noisy band with a funny name, it’s a side project from Chain of Dogs! They play dirty metal, but pour over a greasy punk sauce!

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All metalheads know the Stormtroopers of Death. Or at least they should…

Chances we ever are able to welcome the real thing on a nearby stage are far below zero, so we are greatfull to present you the next best thing: Z.O.D.!!!

They bring the S.O.D. heritage to our stage with enormous energy. When Sjmoetspoekel didn’t wake you up then Z.O.D. will! Only ‘Bigger then the Duyvel’ sounds a bit exorbitantly :-p

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Chain of Dogs

Ever thought that a violin or a banjo couldn’t sound metal? Think again! Chain of Dogs already proves this right for almost 20 years. And if that’s not weird enoug: a part of their folk metal songs are in Limburg dialect. Songs about miners, wars, farmers and of course dogs…
The past 7 years they took a sabattical, but on our very own DuyvelFEST they will rise again! In a recent article on our local network L1 you can read and see.

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This list, this FEST, and in fact any fest is not complete without this band! ‘South Metal’!!!

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