Who the Duyvel


And Duyvel said “Let there be metal!”

And there was metal.

And Duyvel saw that the metal was good.


Now Duyvel separated the darkness from the light! The cavalry has been called by you, and your calls have been answered: Duyvel, The metal band from Eindhoven has arrived!

Fronted by Marcel who can summon the dead with his voice (and probably has).

The guitars manned by the duo of Lev and Toni, ready to shred the world to pieces.

The thundering bass wielded by Cesare, capable of making the entire earth tremble and last but not least:

Rob slamming on the drums harder than your ex slams the door in your face!

This alliance of 5 is on a mission to bring their music to you. Do you dare to hear their music for yourself? Do you not fear going mad? Is music something to risk your life for? Are you ready?!


Toni – Guitar

Whenever you hear an awesome solo you might think: “Who is this amazing guitarist?” The answer is “probably not Toni”. Lev plays way better. But someone writes the killer riffs. This is the doing of Toni.

Born in the Netherlands and too lazy to move to another place made him into a real dutchman. Crazy people would say that Toni is smart, productive and talented. Normal people never seem to mention these things. Being an engineer working with electron-optics might sound boring and Toni can confirm this. Being a full-time metal guitarist is the better choice, but apparently not for everyone.

One day you will try to fool this fool, but this is part of his plan. By trying to do so, it is YOU who will execute his dark deeds and all according to his evil plans. You are the puppet in his world!

Levent – Guitar

This man was lived in Constantinople, Germany, England and The Netherlands and decided that the best place to be at is this band. Rightfully so.

Lev can do anything! Wait… Let us rephrase that: Lev can do anything on a guitar! The latest asset to the band and the leadest of lead guitarists that we have picked from a vast collection of aged hairy metal guitarists that applied to the band.

Lev can do anything! Eh… I mean: Lev can do anything when it comes to recording our mind blowing repertoire in his home studio where he is happily married with his 17 guitars. And with a wife I suppose. His talents are many, but he choose to work full-time with computers.

Be aware! He might just stand there but Lev is always planning his next move and he can do anything! Be aware…

Cesare – Bass

Born in the Netherlands but he moved to Italy. After creating a far-right government and increasing the nations deficit he moved back to the Netherlands because his work there was complete. Now his mission is to create a bass sound so catchy that only our band is the proper place to conduct his low frequent plans.
History is important to Cesare. He was even born in the past, so big is his passion for history. His interests led him to work in an archive. He reads the oldest manuscripts in search for inspiration so that he can forge his music.

One day he’d will devastate the world with his amp so that all of us will become no more than pages about the past in an archive manned by death himself. Feel the wrath of the bass!

Rob – Drums

Rob might be the sweetest person born in the Netherlands. Or more precisely: a very, very, very small part of the Netherlands. His drums are his only outlet for all his feelings that are left unprocessed and this has resulted in some drum tracks that even the most trained psychologists can not compute.

Rob is like a dragon. A dragon who lacks gold, wisdom, charisma, patience and wings. But fire truly is his element. As a dragon without gold of his own he decided to work with other people’s gold. His insights in pyramid schemes so is grand that his manager is very pleased to have him on the team.
Your safety is not taken into account. He will destroy your arrhythmic world and will bring the devastating sounds of bass, snare and cymbals. Start running!

Marcel – Vocals

Whenever someone talks all the time you could do one of two things: Try to silence him, or just give him the microphone and make him the vocalist of your band. Failed attempts led to the latter of the two.
A tough man with love for blues, rock and metal, but with the personality of a gentleman. Marcel was born in the mythical, and possible fictitious, lands of Limburg. As a young man he studied dark arts, beerology, alchemy and slayed a necromancer but he eventually became a programmer… His entire world is centered around metal and he even went as far as working with 3D metal printers for a living.

If you go to sleep at night and your computer wakes up, starts making noises and keeps you awake; it is him. Stealing your darkest secrets on your computer from afar and forging them into the sickest lyrics of our songs.